Dear men, when will you stop…

Describing her as ‘crazy’.

Creating entertainment out of our victimisation.

Bashing the political correctness you have never needed to benefit from.

Implying a man experiencing unwanted attention from a woman is somehow just as intimidating.

Excusing your behaviour by blaming us for ‘seducing’ you.

Insisting on having the last word during a debate, rather than accepting we may have a point.

Treating us on dating sites like products on shopping sites.

Pressuring us for sex, the moment we become your girlfriend.

Finding our weaknesses more attractive than our strengths.

Just… staring.

Trying to pit us against one another.

Judging us by our looks and age.

Seeing our equality as your oppression.

Needing to see women’s issues through the example of your sister, mother or daughter in order to feel empathy.

Stalking, raping, torturing, beating, murdering innocent women and girls. In the news, every single day.

Ignoring all this and saying women are the problem.



    • Great comments, thank you! I wrote this piece after an experience I had recently that left me quite wound up. It was cathartic to vent! I acknowledge that there are many great guys out there, and yes, we totally need you onboard with the fight! 🙂

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